This is Everything That You Need to Know about Live Betting

It was not all that long ago when betting came to a stop once a sporting event started. We are sure that you have held those elderly punters telling tales about how they missed out on a considerable sum of money because they could not place a live bet on a cricket event. However, all this is now a thing of the past thanks to live betting, and it has been revolutionary.

live-betting live-betting

What Exactly is Live Betting?

Live betting, often called in-play betting, is the ability to place a bet on a sport event in real time. The improvement in technology has allowed bookies to offer their customers live betting so that they can place bets online when the game is in action. Live betting is something that gives you an increase in the number of outcomes for you to analyse as you have to pay close attention to the fluctuating odds that the bookie provides. Not only does this add to the excitement, but it is also highly beneficial to those punters who have the best understanding of the game.

Live Betting Tips

Betting on live action is different to placing a bet before a match has started as there are way more options for you to bet on. If you are new to the world of live betting, do not worry as below you can find some great tips to help you get off to that proverbial flier.

Always Do Your Homework

The difference between betting on something before it has started and live betting is that with the latter everything is happening much faster and there are a number of factors you need to analyse. This is way live betting is something that favours those who have a good understanding of the particular sport. We know it is called live betting, but the successful bettors do not wait for the event to start - they do research first.

live-betting-tips live-betting-tips

Understand Momentum

Sport can swing one way and then the next in a blink of an eye and understanding this is very important. Momentum swings used to be measured throughout the whole season. For instance, a team that takes a lead is more likely going to grow in confidence and benefit from the supportive atmosphere, making it more likely that they will continue to win. On the other hand, a losing streak will decrease confidence and lead to a hostile environment.

However, now that live betting exists, momentum swings can happen on a faster scale in a game, such as a goal early on or a key player picking up an injury. The best gamblers use their sport knowledge and attention to detail to find the less obvious signs of a momentum swing. By finding a momentum swing sooner than the bookie, you can pick up some really good live betting odds.

Back the Favourite If They Are Losing

This is an easy betting strategy to use and is one that many successful punters adopt. Now, we know that it might sound a bit counterproductive to bet on a team or individual when they are behind, but this is how you can make big profits. For instance, in tennis, if the favourite ends up losing the first set, then the fixed odds before the game started will be adjusted for the in-play betting. Once the bookmaker has readjusted the odds, you can then bet on the favourite and take advantage of much higher odds.


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